Polythene Bags, Sacks, Sheets & Liner For Resale


Looking for better profitability? Are your margins being squeezed? At Plasmech Packaging Ltd we are able to manufacture high quality polythene packaging at an economical cost level, allowing you to sell these onto your customers at a reasonable price. How? As extruders and converters we are in control of the entire manufacturing process.

Not only can we provide you with standard sizes and colours, we can also work to your customer’s specification whilst still offering you a cost effective solution. Our polythene bagslinerssacks and sheets can all be made to measure in an array of colours, and your customers logo, branding and house styling can be printed on it too. We’ll work hard with you to make sure your customers packaging is delivered on time each time, perfect if your current supplier is struggling to stick to their delivery promises. If samples and prices for short run work are an issue we can help here too.

We manufacture high strength blends in comparison to conventional polythene packaging.

This allows you to offer your customers an alternative product which is as strong as conventional polythene but a lower cost, when they purchase polythene bags, liners, sacks or sheets from you. Our computerised systems also enable us to set up and make short run work at an efficient and accurate rate, allowing you to quote for quantities you may have never thought possible. This is also rather handy if you have a lack of storage space!

Looking to place orders in advance? Our systems allow you to process your order with us up to 3, 6, 9 or even 12 months ahead of delivery. We book your production slot in so you can feel confident that your polythene packaging will arrive exactly when you want it, as promised. You can also delay or cancel your order up to an agreed period before delivery. Therefore, if your customer decides they no longer want their bags, sheets, sacks or liners, you are not stuck with stock which you might struggle to resell.

We do what we say we are going to do, we offer a clear and honest service. Occasionally, you may not like our answers but at least you know when you purchase from Plasmech Packaging Ltd, you are guaranteed the truth about whether your requirements are achievable. We never give false hope, if we are unable to manufacture what you want in the time you want it, we’ll let you know and not let you down at the last minute!

For more information about our polythene packaging including our bags, sack, sheets or liners, contact our friendly team today – they will be more than happy to talk through your options as a reseller with you.

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