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We specialise in supplying food grade polythene bags to the food processing industry, meeting our customer’s specific requirements. Manufacturing packaging for all aspects of food processing, our products are BRCGS approved and suitable for “direct contact” with food.

We also supply sacks and liners, from gossamer thin 10 micron up to 250 microns thick, and we can manufacture an infinite range of sizes from 75mm to 3000mm (and beyond) in just about any length. This enables us to provide the right packaging for you, ensuring your food contents remain safe and uncontaminated.

As we are extruders and converters this allows us to provide our customers with a wide range of polythene packaging products, helping them to reduce production and packaging costs when necessary. Our Mech 2020 film is the perfect solution if you are looking to do just that.

Common Polythene Food Grade Bags and packaging we supply include:

20kg Tray Liners for cardboard or plastic

We normally supply a standard blue tint food grade tray liner available for immediate dispatch. Designed specially to fit a cardboard or plastic 20kg tray, the food grade liners are supplied on rolls of 600 liners.

Dolav Liners

We also supply food grade blue tint Dolav Liners made to measure, as well as a standard dolav liner. Supplied on rolls of 100 liners, the standard dolav liner can be delivered to you for the next working day.

10kg Food Bag Liners

Many food processors wish to deliver their products in 10kg food grade polythene bags. At Plasmech Packaging Ltd we supply a consistently strong and reliable natural 10kg bag, either on rolls of 1,000 or in boxes.

Capkold/Tumble chill bags

We have developed a unique blend of material to help ensure fast heating or chilling of food products inside the polythene capkold bag. This blend provides maximum flexibility allowing free movement of the contents. It is also strong enough to cope with the stresses and strains encountered in the filling, chilling and storage process.

Vegetable and Produce

Producers of fresh produce and vegetables will often require bags designed to contain a specific weight of goods for example: 1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg or 10kg. We can manufacture these for you in either high clarity LDPE film or high strength MDPE, meeting your exact needs.

Bags for freezing or frozen items

We have a special high clarity polythene blend especially designed for strength with pierce resistance, suitable for the frozen food industry. An added benefit, this material will maintain its plasticity when frozen.

Why not contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Sandwich Manufacturer Case Study

A manufacturer of sandwiches for high street retailers had a requirement to reduce packaging costs – without sacrificing quality.

Following an inspection we were able to redesign the dimensions of the polythene liner and introduce Mech 2020.


  • Lower Costs – Equivalent strength ‘Mech 2020’ showed a 20% Lower purchase cost
  • Less Waste –Because fewer items were trapped in folds of the liner and thrown away
  • Lower storage costs: more liners per roll so less storage needed.

Frozen Food Case Study

Plasmech Packaging is the key supplier of polythene packaging to one of Europe’s leading suppliers of quality frozen food and catering solutions.

In Light of increasing raw material costs throughout 2008 Plasmech Packaging carried out a thorough audit of its use of polythene packaging.

We identified that two liners represented 70% of the polythene packaging spend.

Further investigation revealed an opportunity to resize these and to use our high strength material – ‘Mech 2020

We also identified and resolved an issue where polythene packaging was being incorrectly used by staff, causing unexpected out of stock issues and a latent hygiene issue.

Following our recommendations and successful trials of the new packaging items the company now enjoy the following benefits:

  • An immediate cost reduction of 19% – This was during a period when raw material prices were up 30%
  • A reduction in the weight of polythene used of 50%
  • Reduced discrepancies between actual and computer predicted stock levels of key packaging items ending unexplained stock shortages.

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