Protect Your Product with Polythene Bags, Sacks, Sheets & Liners


Are you a foam or fibre manufacturer or converter? Do your foam or fibre products include items such as automotive seating, mattresses or three piece suites? We understand that the protection packaging needs to be low cost. This is why our polythene packaging is the perfect accompaniment. Our polythene bagslinerssacks and sheets are ideal to protect your foam or fibre products whilst in transit.

We can supply you with a high strength, reasonably priced packaging solution when you purchase from us at Plasmech Packaging Ltd. Unlike many manufacturers, we extrude and convert the film to manufacture the polythene products needed. This gives us a cost advantage, something which we are able to pass on to you in our lower than expected prices.

This doesn’t affect our quality however, we are still able to provide you with polythene bagslinerssacks and sheets of a high standard – often of better strength when compared to conventional polythene. We have worked with many companies involved in the foam and fibre manufacturing industry which allows us to understand that cost is of high importance. With our Mech 2020 film, we are able to not only meet these needs but also those of tear and pierce resistance.

All of our polythene bagslinerssacks and sheets can be made to your exact specification. They are available in a range of standard sizes and colours but can be produced in other formats if necessary. Printing of your house style, branding and logo can be included or left plain if you wish to cut your costs further.

Why not contact our team to discuss your requirements.

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