About Plasmech Packaging

Plasmech Packaging Ltd are a BRCGS approved polythene manufacturer. The business was established in 1987. Since then we have been manufacturing polythene products suitable for a wide range of market sectors. Our range includes but is not limited to; bags, liners, sacks and sheets for various market sectors including; food processing, injection moulding, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and laundry.

We also manufacture in the UK lay flat tubing, garment protection covers, centre fold sheeting, and covers for pallet and cage protection. We guarantee Whatever your requirements, we will be able to manufacture a polythene product to suit you!


Plasmech Packaging Ltd manufacture to order, so your bag will be made exactly to your size and strength requirements. To do anything else is a waste; a waste of your money, the planet’s resources and time – especially if the bag does not meet your needs.

We often recommend the use of high strength films, these will cut costs typically by 10 – 25% when used on a like for like strength basis.

We provide a free in house consultancy service to volume users. This will normally save an additional 10 –20% product cost by further elimination of waste.


Plasmech Packaging Ltd has been manufacturing to BS EN ISO 9002 since 1996. This has now been integrated into our BRCGS/IoP certification for the extrusion and manufacture of polythene bags and films. You are therefore assured that built into the manufacturing process are the quality checks needed to ensure our product reaches you ON time, within specification.

Plasmech Packaging is certificated to the BRCGS Packaging Materials and passed with a Grade AA at our last audit.

Plasmech Packaging Ltd only purchase prime raw materials from reputable petrochemical companies. These materials are automatically conveyed from our bulk storage silos into computer controlled gravimetric blending and dosing stations. These deliver very accurate metering and blending directly into our extrusion lines. This ensures our customers receive a consistently high quality product with no contamination.

The computerised control systems Plasmech Packaging Ltd employ minimise operator pressure allowing more time to concentrate on the quality of the finished product.


As a manufacturer we work closely with our customers to ensure production slots are booked well in advance.

Our planning expertise and systems enable us to predict delivery schedules with certainty.

In exceptional circumstances we are flexible enough to accommodate emergency orders. This is achievable due to our unique abilities with regard to short runs of product.

The above measures avoid the need for us to carry stocks of finished goods. If stockholding is a requirement then please contact us to discuss the options available.

Environmental Performance

  • High-performance polythene bags
  • Lighter, stronger and more cost effective
  • Better value for money and improved efficiency.

More than ever, cost reduction and environmental performance are the two main challenges for the packaging industry. Working in conjunction with Total Petrochemicals, Plasmech Packaging have found a more sustainable way to save costs in the packaging chain thanks to the inclusion of high-strength, high-performance materials.

Mech 2020

Our high performance film MECH2020 has been subjected to exhaustive tests of its mechanical properties. The results show significant improvements in comparative strength and beneficial film performance over both existing LD/LLDPE blends and our own first generation high strength film MECH2010. MECH2020 exploits the characteristics of new high performance materials to enable significant down-gauging. This dramatically reduces the weight of raw material required to make your bags.