Have you heard about the new Plastic Packaging Tax?

Top view of rubbish for recycling on a blue background

In April 2022, a new plastic packaging tax will be rolled out by the government to help reduce the amount of plastic waste and combat the resulting damage to the environment, animals, and plants in the long term.

This new tax will apply to any plastic packaging that does not contain at least 30% of recycled plastic – either produced in or imported into the UK. Any imported plastic packaging will be liable to the tax regardless of whether it is filled or not. If any packaging contains over the minimum percentage of recycled plastic or is not primarily plastic by weight it will not fall under this new proposed regulation. Where 30% of recycled content is not possible within its packaging, a cost of £200 per tonne will apply.

Further information including the impact summary and proposed revisions can be found on the Government website, linked to from here.


So what are we doing at Plasmech Packaging to conform to the new measures?

Our products are specially designed to help minimise the environmental impact of the packaging we supply, which will therefore save you time & money. All products we manufacture are 100% recyclable.

Our approach therefore can be divided into three areas:

  • The first would be to utilise high strength films to reduce the weight of plastic packaging that we supply overall. This means we can manufacture thinner film that will weigh less but still delivers the same performance. Further information about our MECH2020 film can be found here.
  • Secondly, we focus on manufacturing bespoke products to reduce the weight required. We believe that a bag which is longer, wider, or thicker than you need is a waste of your money, space, and energy.
  • Lastly depending upon application & performance requirements, we will always try to include up to 30% of recycled content in packaging where possible.

With no recyclable materials certified to be used within direct food contact it means that roughly 70% of our products will fall under this new regulation once next April comes around. Despite the setbacks surrounding this we believe the proposed tax will provide the necessary action to help combat the amount of waste currently caused by plastic packaging.

Please visit our Environmental page to learn more about how we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment or contact our friendly sales team on 01462 432525 for more information.