High Performance Films


Our high performance film MECH2020 has been subjected to exhaustive tests of its mechanical properties. The results show significant improvements in comparative strength and beneficial film performance over both existing LD/LLDPE blends and our own first generation high strength film MECH2010. MECH2020 exploits the characteristics of new high performance materials to enable significant down-gauging. This dramatically reduces the weight of raw material required to make your polythene bags.

More than ever, cost reduction and environmental performance are the two main challenges for the packaging industry. Plasmech have found a more sustainable way to save costs in the packaging chain thanks to the inclusion of high strength, high performance materials.

Made to measure – We make bespoke sizes for almost all our customers. Buying ‘off the shelf’ is always a compromise. The bag you buy is likely to be longer, wider and/or thicker than needed. This is a waste of your money and it is a waste of the planet’s resources. It is a waste of the space you need to store the excess material. It is also a waste of fuel; every journey the excess material takes costs more in fuel.

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